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Surprising Benefits Of Using Facial Oils

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

Oils can be confusing. There’s the myth they clog your pores. Yet one thing about them has always been 100 % truth: they’re a skincare savior.

Ancient Egyptians kept their skin vibrant and flawless with Moringa Oil. And this (very) old-school beauty secret is making a pretty big comeback right now.

See why oils should be the next product in your beauty regime.

1. They help prevent aging

Our skin produces oil naturally, but as we age, the production significantly decreases. If we don’t replenish the oil content skin becomes unbalanced and very dry which can lead to breakouts and over time, wrinkles. Age-Defying Facial Oil can be the perfect choice for our new beauty regime.

2. Skin penetration is their specialty.

The natural lipid content in the skin allows oils to be absorbed easily deep down. This also means penetration for other ingredients is enhanced.

3. Oils repair the skin barrier

A strong skin barrier is fundamental to a healthy-looking complexion. The barrier locks in moisture, helps nutrients absorb more effectively, and prevents external aggressors like pollution. Squalane is perfect to balance oil production and protect the skin.

4. They’re very versatile

Oils are not just great for the face. Hair, cuticles, rough patches, lips, and hands are just some of the other places you can use them.

5. They give a glow is instant

Oils give the face an immediate smoothness. Skin looks firm and glowing without looking greasy. They are a perfect solution for refreshing your complexion throughout the day.

6. Nothing delivers nutrition like oils…

As well as hydration, oils deliver valuable nutrition needed for healthy skin. Just like all those plant-based superfoods that are so good for you, plant oils nourish your skin with a range of nutrients from vitamins to essential omegas.

7. The antioxidants in oils keep skin protected

Free radical damage in the 21st century is sadly existing! We can’t escape it, but we can help combat the signs with the application of face oils, which are naturally high in antioxidants. Rosehip Oil is a perfect option. Rich in omega 6, omega 3 acids, and pro-vitamin A (Natural Retinol) allow it to target signs of photo-aging and premature aging due to exposure to UV radiation. It will correct dark spots, reduce scars and fine lines by encouraging cellular regeneration. Regular use improves skin hydration and elasticity.

8. They rebalance your skin…

One of the biggest myths is that oils leave you shiny and you should completely keep clear if you have an oily complexion – but both are simply not true. Oils like Squalane, mimic the skin’s natural sebum production by sending a message to the glands to stop producing sebum as there is presently enough (from the face oil), which normalizes oil levels. They are also great for acne-prone skin too as they restore the anti-microbial activity on the skin's surface.

9. Facial Yoga and massage needs one

Facial massage is a hot trend in 2019. Google search results have seen a 180% increase in facial massage or face yoga. Oils provide the perfect lubrication needed. Using either your hands, you’ll quickly remove tension and stress from the skin by stimulating lymphatic drainage. You’ll reduce puffiness while helping produce collagen and elastin.

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